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5 Expert Tips For Planning a Dreamy Destination Wedding

Steven Bowles Creative Offers Experienced Design and Planning Services

Are you a Naples FL couple looking to plan a destination wedding? Consider why couples turn to Steven Bowles Creative, the best wedding planner in southeastern Florida for planning an unforgettable experience for the two of you and your guests. Discover why using a wedding planned makes sense to navigate the complexities and details of your special day.

Here are 5 expert tips from the top Naples FL wedding planner for a dreamy destination wedding.

  1. Set a Budget and Stick to It

Your wedding is a heady, exciting time, and you, of course, want to have as many special features and experiences as possible for you and your guests. That’s why it’s best to work with the best wedding planner for destination weddings to determine what a realistic budget looks like. Your budget should also include some padding for those unexpected expenses that can arise.

  1. Consider Timing

When you plan your wedding is critical, especially in locales that may be affected by weather. You probably do not want to have a wedding in a Caribbean or coastal location during the peak of hurricane season. You also want to consider if you’re having a winter ski wedding that there’s enough time built in to account for snowstorms.

You also want to give your guests enough time to find good airfares and ask for time off from work in order to attend your special event.

You might consider a location that has things for your guests to do. While you and your partner will likely be quite busy in the days leading up to your wedding, others are going to want to explore.

  1. Know the Law

No matter where you’re getting married, you want to be sure that you understand the local laws. Not only are there differences depending on which country you choose for your destination wedding, but there are also differences for each state and city in the United States, too.

  1. Take a Trip

Descriptions, websites, and photos can paint a beautiful picture of nearly any location. It’s always best if, when feasible, you can visit the sites in a potential destination beforehand. This familiarization trip allows you to learn about the locations, transportation, and vendors who will be working on your wedding.

When it comes to the event itself, it’s also a good idea to arrive a few days earlier. This time allows you to acclimate, check out final preparations, and get comfortable before the big moment arrives.

  1. Get Expert Help

A destination wedding is a complex undertaking and one that is likely to be filled with a lot of emotions and excitement. That’s the very reason to hire an experienced wedding planner to help you navigate the wedding process.

Steven Bowles Creative has helped create exceptional weddings, where every detail is taken care of. You want flawless execution on your day, and that’s where Steven’s expertise as a planner and designer shines bright. Schedule a consultation to learn how Steven Bowles Creative can make your destination wedding a delight.

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