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5 Fabulous Flowers for your Fall Weddings

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The fall months are an ideal time for any wedding as the palettes and ascetic are visually appealing and look stunning on all brides and grooms. Choosing the flower arrangement can be daunting as there are so many beautiful options to wow your guests. It is important to keep in mind that autumn inspired colors such as fiery reds, earthy browns, and pumpkin oranges will ensure your wedding flowers Naples FL are not “so last season.” These colors capture the warmth and beautifully of the romantic season. The follow are five fabulous flowers for all fall weddings by your favorite wedding florist Naples FL:

  1. Asiatic Lily: This “goldband lily” is delicate and dainty, but can have a long lasting impression. Paired with orchids and celosia, this bouquet can give off a lush and abundant vibe perfect for all weddings.

  2. Dahlia: These extremely detailed ombre flowers can be paired with other multi-colored astilbes and yellow sprayed roses to contribute to the bride’s fall aesthetic. They make for knockout arrangements to impress any crowd.

  3. Orange Gerbera: This flower is also known as an “orange daisy.” It has similar characteristics to a sunflower and can really stand out as strong centerpieces. They are also known for complimenting jewelry as they are not as elaborate as the other flower options.

  4. Berries: It sounds obscure, but berries paired with new blooms and clean greenery can give off a more modern aesthetic. A white ribbon would top off this new-aged vibe. For those aiming for anything but traditional, this bouquet is essential.

  5. Chrysanthemum: Extremely detailed, this flower can add to any simple wedding. Whether it’s the dress or decor that lacks intricacy, the chrysanthemum is will continue to rounding out any wedding’s aesthetic.

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