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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Know Your Style, Theme, Dress and Bouquet Type

When it comes to wedding flowers Naples FL brides have so many wonderful options. How do you choose the right Naples FL wedding bouquet? Start by answering a few questions about yourself and your wedding, and work with a wedding planner Naples FL couples have trusted for years. Steven Bowles Creative is the wedding florist Naples FL brides and grooms count on for the perfect planning and flowers to highlight your wonderful occasion.

Before you start considering wedding flowers Naples FL brides should consider the following:

  • What does your dress look like? Your wedding bouquet should highlight the style, shape, and details of your dress. Color matters, especially with whites, creams, and ivories, so having a swatch available to give your florist is helpful.

  • What is the theme and color scheme of your wedding? The type and colors of your bouquet ideally will sync with the theme you’ve chosen, matching the palate you’ve laid out for the location, time of day, and season for your celebration.

  • What makes it personal? Are there flowers that have a special meaning for you individually or as a couple? Is there a piece of jewelry or fabric with significance that can be incorporated into the bouquet? Work with a wedding florist Naples FL couples have used for years to deliver exceptional solutions that are deeply personal.

  • What type of bouquet works for me? There are many options for the shape and size of your bouquet. Some of the most popular are:

  • Flowers arranged in a circular fashion with a slightly domed shape

  • Cascade (or Shower or Waterfall). Flowers overflow and cascade downward in this most formal of styles

  • Arm Sheath (or Presentation or Pageant). Designed to rest on the bride’s forearm and usually using longer flowers

  • Some brides use a flower-accented prayer book or literature that’s meaningful to them with a small group of flowers attached with ribbons

  • Structured and crafted, this bouquet looks simple but is quite complex to construct with hand wiring of each stem

  • A dense arrangements of circles of blooms, with each ring containing a different flower type

  • What’s in season? Working with your wedding planner Naples FL brides can find the blooms that are in season locally. Though blooms of nearly all types are available year-round, imported stems will cost more. You also want to ensure that flowers can withstand the heat of Naples FL if your wedding or reception is outdoors.

  • What am I comfortable with? You want to feel naturally comfortable with whatever size, style, and type of flowers you choose. Be sure to test out different configurations (you’re wedding florist will have samples) and try them out so you feel at ease on your big day.

At Steven Bowles Creative, we offer exceptional artistic wedding bouquet design and event planning. Your day will be special, unique, and personal when you choose Steven Bowles Creative to help design your day and your flowers.In Bowles Creative is here as your ultimate wedding planner Naples to provide for you in chilliest time of the year. Though white weddings are at their prime in the winter, your palette is not limited to all-white. You can opt for a more “antique” effect made up of creams, ivories, and even pale blush hues. Additionally, in correlation with the Christmas wedding season, you can go with red or velvety colors that are more vibrant and festive. The following are flowers that we recommend to you and your events coordinator Naples FL this winter season:t is important that you get the right flowers to compliment your elegant winter wonderland wedding this time of year. There is so much unique beauty that comes from a winter bloom’s colors and textures. Steve

  1. Classic white clutches: If you love working with neutral floral arrangements, classic white clutches are the solution for you. In addition, some muted assortments of cream blush will serve as staples on your big day. These beautifully reflect the snowy landscape.

  2. Chrysanthemum: What better way to say winter wedding than a flower that represents a symbol of joy and beauty. They are extremely versatile and can be seen in a number of floral arrangements. The white chrysanthemum serves to mirror a blanket of fresh snow and can be paired well with the stock flower, as they have a beautiful accent color.

  3. Garden rose: A garden rose is a classic for any wedding. They have large blooms with many petals that allows them to be paired well with filler flowers and greenery.

  4. Hydrangea: The hydrangea comes in five different types. The mophead hydrangea is one of the most popular and the type we recommend to compliment your winter wedding. The color is a beautiful mix of white, purple, and pink.

  5. Queen Anne’s Lace: Lastly, we recommend this flower for its natural elegance and lace-like pattern that compliments any brides’ dress perfectly. It is delicate yet classy and can add to any design. These flowers are great for simple weddings, as the detail is memorable yet dainty.

For information regarding all things wedding flowers Naples FL – contact Steven Bowles today!

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