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How You Can Have Your Dream Wedding During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Brides, engaged couples, mothers of the bride, and wedding planners across the United States are considering realistic options for memorable weddings during the COVID pandemic. With their white sand beaches, Tampa Bay, Sarasota, and Naples, Florida have always been popular wedding destinations. Between travel limitations, event venue shutdowns, and genuine safety concerns, working with a wedding planner who understands how to make your special day a reality even with the shadow of the COVID19 pandemic has become one of the most important decisions you can make. Featured in lifestyle magazines such as Naples Illustrated, or wedding websites like Wedding Wire, Steven Bowles Creative can make your dream a reality and offers the following recommendations for you to have a safe and beautiful wedding.

5 Ways To Plan Your Dream Wedding During The COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Create a mood board. If you’ve never created a mood board, this is the time to do it. Identify colors, styles, designs, of your clothing, architecture, culture, and anything you love. Pinterest is a perfect tool to create multiple mood boards but remember to create a master mood board to guide your vision. This master mood board is what you should share with your event planner so they understand your design expectations.

2. Build a realistic budget. This is a must-do for any bride. Once you share your happy engagement news, friends and family members will want to be involved in planning your special day offering well-meaning advice. You’ll quickly learn that everyone has recommendations that might not align with your wishes. Your budget will help you prioritize which expenses are most important to you and your fiancé.

3. Hire an experienced event planner. With the COVID19 pandemic still a serious threat, your event planner might need to procure special event permits or make different arrangements for florals or catering. The COVID19 pandemic is not the time to hire your best friend’s cousin who is starting their new event planning business. You should balance giving someone an opportunity against working with a professional with a demonstrated track record in event management. There are so many moving parts to any event, but weddings are especially detail oriented. Any seasoned event planner will tell you that if something goes wrong at the event, their job is to make sure that attendees have no idea there’s a hiccup. As we are often reminded, these are unprecedented times, so having the counsel and guidance from a pro will help make sure your dreams come true. Having an experienced professional in charge of your wedding day means you’ll have an experienced professional handle any glitches that arise.

4. Anticipate special needs for your guests. For any wedding, special consideration for elderly or disabled guests is important. Several of your guests might have underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, that will make contracting the virus riskier for them due to their circumstances. They might be less likely to attend your wedding unless you outline the safeguards you’ll be putting in place to keep them safe. Be compassionate and thoughtful during this time and work with your event planner to follow all local health department codes and mandates as well as state regulations.

5. Consider alternatives to your original plan but don’t sacrifice your dream. Unless you’re planning to elope, you can still attain the experience and ambience you’ve dreamed of since the day you got engaged. There is no reason why you can’t have all the amazing details of your wedding with some careful planning. By working with a professional event planner, you’ll be able to explore options. Unless you’re planning to hold off on your wedding until the COVID19 pandemic subsides (when will that happen?), don’t let this virus steal your vision of your dream wedding.

Out Of The Box Wedding Locations

· Backyard weddings are beautiful. You can’t beat the intimacy of a backyard wedding and the COVID pandemic has made them extremely popular. This is a serious consideration for couples wanting to save money by eliminating a venue rental. Those savings can be applied toward gorgeous floral arches and other gorgeous décor elements. Look to your event planner to help bring your ideas to fruition and contribute some suggestions of their own.

· Beach weddings are romantic. The best thing about a beach wedding is that you can be as casual or as formal as you wish. Some couples get married in their bathing suits while others are more formal and simply take advantage of the environmental beauty beaches deliver. With the fresh, ocean air providing a constant breeze, guests will feel more comfortable than an inside venue relying on HVAC air circulation.

· Park weddings are gorgeous. Most communities have parks that make for a beautiful backdrop to your nuptials. The rich colors of autumn or the vibrancy of spring can enhance your wedding color palette. Even winter weddings can be beautiful with the right tent rentals and heaters. Consider all your options and make sure your date is available on the park calendar.

· And virtual events can be just as picturesque. Thanks to technology, you can invite more than 1,000 of your closest friends to your wedding. Hiring an event planner who is comfortable and knowledgeable about working with videographers and audiovisual technicians can transform a virtual event into a stunning experience for everyone. You can have all the elements of a traditional wedding and allow for people to interact online. Several couples have not delayed their wedding by using online video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Live.

Other Ways To Ensure Your Wedding Is Safe As Well As Fun For Guests

When inviting friends and family to join you during your special day, ensuring their safety and comfort is essential. Here are some suggestions to communicate what you’re doing to make a safe event for everyone to enjoy.

· Include a special note in the wedding invitation addressing safety and precautions being implemented to help ease their minds. They will appreciate you being proactive by addressing their concerns up front.

· Develop a Frequently Asked Questions for your wedding website including how you will incorporate social distancing recommendations, hand sanitizer stations, how masks will be available for all guests, and how your ushers will seat attendees six feet apart.

· Speak with your event planner to learn how other weddings or special event celebrations have eased the minds of guests.

· Offer a virtual attendee experience for your guests who might change their minds at the last minute.

The World Health Organization offers this simple, clear advice for wedding guests:

1. Always check local regulations before attending an event.

2. Stay at home if you are feeling unwell.

3. Always comply with the following 3 basic preventive measures:

· Maintain at least 6 feet distance from others and wear a mask if you cannot guarantee this distance.

· Cover a sneeze or cough with a tissue or bent elbow, and immediately dispose of tissue in a closed-lid bin. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

· Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or with a hand sanitizer.

The World Health Organization offers this simple, clear advice for those planning a wedding:

· Always check local guidelines before planning your event.

· Brief guests about precautions before the event starts; during the event, remind guests of these precautions and ensure they are followed.

· Choose outdoor venues over indoor spaces – if indoors, ensure the area is well-ventilated.

· Minimize crowding by staggering arrivals and departures, numbering entries, designating seats/places and six feet.

· Provide all necessary supplies – hand hygiene stations, hand sanitizer or soap and water, tissues, closed-lid bins, distance markers, masks.

This virus might be a part of our new normal, but you can still create wonderful memories by having a wedding that exceeds your dreams thanks to some careful planning and preparation.

Steven is an exceptionally creative designer, wedding and event planner. His event design and florals are strikingly original making any wedding or special event spectacular. View samples of Steven’s event design and know that safety during the COVID 19 pandemic is his top priority for his clients. To schedule a 30-minute consultation for your wedding, email Steven Bowles Creative at

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